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Dogs Playing Poker is designed to help you learn to play great poker in a friendly and fun environment. The best way to learn the game is experience - the more you play, the more you'll learn what works, and what doesn't work.

Be sure to check out tutorial mode, where you can learn the basics of poker, the hand rankings, and simple strategy for the different styles of poker you can play in the game. If you're having trouble, the tutorials can help you learn some great rules of thumb to help out!

The game can also automatically evaluate your hand, and let you know what its value is. If you're new to poker, this can help make sure you don't accidentally throw away a great hand! Simply press the 'V' key, or select Show Hand Value in the Options menu.

Much of the strategy in poker is getting to know your opponents. Pay attention to their play, and learn how aggressive or conservative they are. Aggressive players will bet a lot on small hands, and conservative players tend to bet only on great hands. If you have a killer hand, you can take advantage of an aggressive player by continually raising their bets, potentially making a lot of money!

Players will also give away the strength of their hand through the things they do or say. Beginner players are more likely to give away their hands than expert players. When a beginner player scratches their head, you can reasonably expect that they don't have a huge hand - if they did, they wouldn't have to think about their bet. But an advanced player might be considering the best way to make money from their great hand. For example, Roscoe is a beginner player, and when he scratches his chin before betting, he has a weak hand.

Sometimes, the players will give away the strength of their hand by what they say. Similarly, beginner players will give away more than advanced or expert players. Using Roscoe the Bassett Hound as an example again, notice how unexciteable he is most of the time. If you see him using exclamation points, watch out! He must have an exciting hand.

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